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Pins a posted Sun at 22:53  -  12/13MDirty Hobo SocksMythic MannorothPoopgateTruthWinnies BMs

This is where I would normally talk about stuff or say hi to my mom. (Hi mom) but instead of that I'm just going to let the story unfold. So grab some popcorn and prepare to have your mind blown by the true meaning of Christmas...?


We are working on Archimonde now, unless Winnie can figure out a way to eat him too. BTW we still recruit excellent players with a sense of humor. 

Pins a Are you trying to say this is not 100% accurate?!?
Denethore FYI I have never played LoL during raid time.

For those of you who don't have the chance to raid with Bladesong you should know something about us. We like Pizza. If you don't like pizza your probably letting the terrorists win. You know whats better than a pizza though? A Pizza cake. No I'm not talking about your cousin susan's start up bakery's lame 4 layer cake with so much fondant slathered on top of it your basically eating hard plastic. I'm talking about a cake made out of pizzas. I know what you're thinking this can't be real, and I thought the same thing until the internet showed me the way.Ever since we found out it was real Winnie has had a not so secret obsession with it. I'm happy to say here at Bladesong we make dreams come true.....

Mythic Xhul

Completely unrelated note we killed Mythic Xhul'Hooka or something. Two bosses to go!  We are still looking for talented DPS who want to murder the legion.

Zathien Rampaaaage!
Winniethemoo Me time is actually Me and my Pizza Cake boner time.

We apparently took an unannounced two month break from real raiding thanks to some turnover. Like a bad episode of the walking dead we just refuse to die though. Speaking of dying (Sweet internet segway)

You know what boss use to be hard but isn't anymore? Tyrant on mythic. Who knew adding 10 item levels and a months worth of ring upgrades would make her such a pansy. She's dead. I think it took us 2 or 3 attempts.

Speaking of 10 ilvl upgrades....


I don't know how he does it, but I know it's probably true. We are still looking for DPS! We have 2-3 spots available if you are a good player looking to finish up this tier and beyond let me or any of the other officers know! 


Also McLovin has a thing for clowns. More on this when we kill Xhul shortly....

Nelthar Can we please know in advance this time?
Fritts Wait till you see what is in my mailbox for Legion!?

Hello there. Just a heads up to any interested players that frequent our website. Bladesong is now aggressively recruiting for ALL classes and roles. We are looking for 5-6 solid raiders that can make 90% or more of our raids, have a good attitude, and know your classes well. We would prefer people with some mythic experience if possible please feel free to apply on the site, or shoot pins, logathil, or stru a tell in game anytime!


Sometimes you just need a good slap in the face. It was apparently our turn this week as we started off strong and then completely failed on one of the "easy" bosses in the zone. After getting the boss to something like 16% last night in under 20 pulls I thought for sure we would kill it in less than 30 total. After all we are Bladesong that's kind of what we do. We decided to take most of tonight off apparently and as it turns out you can't phone in new boss kills. We did eventually kill Fel Lord Zakuun, but not until almost the last pull of the night at a staggering 49 total attempts. He died and I wasen't even happy about it, I had to not talk to prevent from yelling about it while doing loot. When I did talk a bad time was had by all....

We sucked this week, but he still died:

who cares

I don't want my entire post to be negative though. We did actually kill a new boss and people got some upgrades they wanted, and I'm sure people will use this as a valuable lesson in focusing and taking things a bit more seriously next time. So I'll try and end on a lighter note. As the raid leader of Bladesong I get a lot of interesting tells and see a lot of things said in guild chat that just leave me shaking my head. Here are just a few.

dat ass doe

This is my life

Technically if Jed reads this update, I didn't tell him you want a fat chick - you did.

And finally a little motivation for next weeks raids...


P.S. - Happy birthday to the third best tank in Bladesong! One more year and nismo's legal! 

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