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HFC sucks

We have been spending the last oh I don't know 6 months preping for tomorrow. We have farmed and beta'ed and theorycrafted and refined our roster to be as strong as possible. I'm probably more excited about the progression race in Legion than I have ever been. We have a really great group of talented players and logs is still here as well. 

We keep it real

As you can see we've been razer sharp in raids lately...

Bring on the Legion.

Logathil a Someone has to be token drunk guy!

Legion looms in the not too distant future. Several members of Bladesong were lucky enough to get into beta at the start so we've seen it really come together to be a promising expansion. That being said we could still use about 15 beta keys to raid test and run some mythics for fun and profit. We haven't updated the site in a while since all we have been doing is making gold and farming mounts so I thought I would post a bunch of random images from the testing we have done so far, and mention again that we are always looking for exceptional players to join the team. We are looking forward to new progression in Legion.


For real Blizzard do you see that queue time? At least invite our healers! Also crab shank.

It's been weeks and the dust has finally settled over Hellfire Citadel. As you may have been able to tell from our progress bar we killed Archimonde a few weeks ago. It's been a long bumpy road for us to get to the point where we actually finished all end game content on our relaxed schedule. We went from 51st guild on this server last expansion to 11th on the server this expansion, and we have our sites set on bigger goals in Legion. I thought it would be neat to walk people through what it's like to progress on and eventually kill an end game Mythic boss in World of Warcraft. Granted we didn't kill him before most of us had maxed out rings or 10 more item levels but for the things we had to do to get here (Mostly talking about logathil working the glory holes at his local Tim horton's for recruits here.) I'm pretty proud of our guys and girl. So without Farther adieu I present to you:

What a raid leader sees when progressing on Mythic Archimonde

This was my field of view for attempt 50 or so:

Pull 50

No one expects to kill a Mythic boss that early and we had made pretty good progress with our chosen strategy. Things were looking up!

Here we have a shot of roughly our 150th pull or so, keep in mind this is a rough guess as it's all a bit hazy.

Pull 150

I bleeped out my chat box because I don't want my mom to see the terrible things I started writing in officer chat. We hit a few snags and did not learn the first 2 phases as well as I had hoped. But surely things would turn around soon!

Here is a look at roughly pull 250 or so:

Pull 250

My doctor says loss of vision due to sudden spikes in blood pressure is totally normal so I was sure this was fine. I mean any pull now we are gonna kill this guy he's not even that hard we have rings and upgrades right?

Pull 270:

Pull 270

SON OF A MOTHER FU....What where am I? This isn't third grade math class.

Pull 279(ish)


As you can see killing raid bosses is really fun and carefree. If I don't have a heart attack before Legion we are going to be really fucking good though. Winnie is going to main a poopmonster tank, logs is going to get off his knees at that terrible coffee shop, and Art is going to stop getting hammered while trying to build a new computer. Mclovin might even learn to paladin if he can take some time off from his busy movie schedule.

I got the first mount, and in true classy raid leader fashion I went and stood in everyone's way in warspear for two hours drunkenly telling them about how great the deadpool movie was.




Datsyuk We have a facebook group?
Azrael Hilarious. My field of vision was looking similar, though blurred with tears of despair. Also, "I'm pretty...

This is where I would normally talk about stuff or say hi to my mom. (Hi mom) but instead of that I'm just going to let the story unfold. So grab some popcorn and prepare to have your mind blown by the true meaning of Christmas...?


We are working on Archimonde now, unless Winnie can figure out a way to eat him too. BTW we still recruit excellent players with a sense of humor. 

Zarkhan a Are you trying to say this is not 100% accurate?!?
Denethore FYI I have never played LoL during raid time.

For those of you who don't have the chance to raid with Bladesong you should know something about us. We like Pizza. If you don't like pizza your probably letting the terrorists win. You know whats better than a pizza though? A Pizza cake. No I'm not talking about your cousin susan's start up bakery's lame 4 layer cake with so much fondant slathered on top of it your basically eating hard plastic. I'm talking about a cake made out of pizzas. I know what you're thinking this can't be real, and I thought the same thing until the internet showed me the way.Ever since we found out it was real Winnie has had a not so secret obsession with it. I'm happy to say here at Bladesong we make dreams come true.....

Mythic Xhul

Completely unrelated note we killed Mythic Xhul'Hooka or something. Two bosses to go!  We are still looking for talented DPS who want to murder the legion.

Zaethien Rampaaaage!
Winnie Me time is actually Me and my Pizza Cake boner time.
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