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So we have had a bit of a slow start in nighthold, not so much slow in that we have failed to kill things but rather we killed more things than most people in order to kill things that actually matter faster. We have spent the last three weeks farming heroic with split raids, doing normals outside of raiding, and farming the ever important AP to max out weapons. While this was not an exciting approach and has left us "behind" quite a few guilds that we should normally be ahead of on good old Zul'jin it has prepared us better than most for the challenges to come. I think last night our last raider completed his 4pc and quite a few people have some very nice trinkets and off set items. We have farmed the typical 3/10M so many guilds are stuck on but we don't feel stuck, it feels like we are just getting started.... Here's a few pictures from our adventures lately to spice things up.

First up we have Mythic Scorpyron. He's not hard but it was pretty fun getting a world 21st kill on him!


Then came some very annoying trash. If you've done the zone I'm pretty sure you can agree this area makes you want to cash some game designers outside, how bout dat? 


I think I've mentioned this before but I suck at remembering to take pictures and we were in a hurry so in place of a Chromatic Anomaly screen shot you get a glimpse into our super secret strategy for dealing with him on mythic. The prep work is real.


Then someone killed the butler in a few pulls... hint: it was Bladesong, in the basement, with the lead pipe...and mountain dew bears. 


Pretty sure tonight we are going to take down another boss and then we will be looking at this guy...


But don't worry, I've already prepared the battlefield....


Now that our full attention is on mythic progression I expect to see some dead bosses real soon. Stay tuned for the fun! As always if you are an exceptional raider looking for a new place to murder innocent 700 foot tall demons please contact myself, logathil, Roarey, or Carlenx for more details!


I normally try to have kill shots or at least some funny quotes or something for the front page when we are killing new things. This week however and the weeks prior to this week we spent a good deal of time as a guild getting ready for and executing our first ever split raids. Being a 9 hour a week guild normally this meant spending extra time funneling gear to alts in raids, coming up with alt rotations that made sense, and making spreadsheets to see who could best use what gear first etc. It's a massive amount of work that we would not have been able to pull off without a lot of behind the scenes work by officers as well as members grinding out AP on alts etc etc. We managed to clear nighthold on heroic in the top 200 in the US despite running split raids almost all week and also snuck in a normal clear as well. Next week will be more of the same as we split raid and then work on Mythic progression but I'm pretty proud of what we have been able to accomplish so far! I'll be back to being a weirdo who hopefully remembers to take screenshots sometime next week when Mythic kills start rolling in! 


Happy Holidays from Bladesong. We have been working hard to bring you some Christmas cheer in the form of dead things, not unlike that asshole cat who brings you dead birds and thinks you will love them. I'm looking at you fluffy you sick son of a...sorry I'm getting off track. My last update was around Thanksgiving and for that Holiday we decided to give you an Emerald Nightmare mythic full clear. We thought it would be fun to go ahead and continue with that tradition and start slapping around new bosses in Trial of Valor. 

As you may or may not know Trail took several nerfs recently as it was considered overtuned in it's current state since something like 30 guilds had managed to down all three bosses. Personally we were looking forward to the original challenge and we had almost mastered Odyn when the nerf's came (We came within 1% of beating the pre nerf version our last raid day before the nerfs.)

Given that we were robbed of the opportunity to kill him in all his former glory we knew we had to go in this week and make trial's our bitch. Odyn gave up pretty quickly Tuesday....


We decided to try our luck at Guarm just to see how hard he really was. I have to say a part of me wishes we would have gotten a shot at it when it was harder (That's what she said.) But he was not as much of a challenge as we expected...


Next week we have our sites set on the current reigning champion of stupidly hard fights Mythic Helya. But for now...we party. As you can see from the screenshot above -- Zakiro was already dressed up for it...


Happy Holidays again from all of us at Bladesong. We look forward to competing with all of you in Nighthold soon.... 

Just so our millions of fans can keep up to date I thought I'd come post here and let you know what we've been up to. Last week we decided to stop goofing around and focus on Mythic Cenarius. We heard he was really hard and assumed it would take us 100+ pulls to kill him so we buckled in for the long haul and got to work. A mere 40 pulls later he was dead and we were looking at Xavius. 

Mythic Cenarius

I know what you're thinking:  "Mythic Cenarius in 40 pulls?! But it takes most guilds 100-150 pulls to kill him!"

I know, clearly we are much better at life. Or ending life. Or something.

Sadly we only got a few pulls in on Xavius last week so we didn't really come up with any great plan to kill him, and Thanksgiving week was looming before us. We already knew we would not get our full raid week in and that we would be missing several core raiders on Wednesday night. We thought about holding over our lockout to try and kill Xavius but I mean really we are better than everyone else at everything we would just try and clear the whole place in two raids while missing people. 

I know what you're thinking again: "But that's crazy you would have to rekill both il'gynoth and Cenarius just to have a shot at Xavius, you aren't a world first guild!"

You are maybe dumb, because that's exactly what we did. Xavius dead with a healer DPSing and missing 3 core raid members on the day before Thanksgiving. 

Mythic Xavius


So Bladesong finishes EN before nightholds release and now we have a little bit of time to focus on the over tuned mini raid called Trials of Valor. Since we are pretty much the best at everything we will probably kill stuff hard. Like real hard. 

In other news we have been trying to get Winnie his hidden artifact appearance "Boney Bear" forever. Because he's terrible at luck (it's the only thing any of us are bad at) he still looked like a stupid normal bear. He decided it was time to act on his own and just make his own hidden appearance to go along with the holiday theme. Of course I thought this was impossible so he sent me a picture to prove it. Normally he just sends dick pics so this was a welcome change. So without farther delay I present to you...


For Reals Yall

Margyth JFC that bear! I'm laughing so hard !
Fritts Gratz!!!

It's been a while since I've updated but Bladesong has been very busy! Running Mythic + and grinding world quests while trying to raid doesn't leave a lot of down time for the site; However it feels like the right lazy Sunday to get it out of the way. 

First of all lets talk about how WONDERFUL the legendary drop system is. When you have 8 possible legendarys and 5 to 6 of them are total crap while 2 or 3 are game changing good (5% DPS increases) you create an imbalance based sheerly on luck. Bladesong has bad luck, it's a thing. I blame it on that time we all went to Vagas and killed a stripper at logathil's bachelor party but really who knows when it started. Sorry, I meant to type allegedly killed a stripper my bad. The point is the legendary system is terrible. Everyone knows it hell even Candy would agree if she was still here today...allegedly. 

Now that I've gotten that out of my system lets talk about what a bad idea titanforging know what never mind lets just get on with the money shots...Candy would have wanted it that way she loved money sho...well you get the idea. 

We've been killing pretty close to a new mythic boss a week despite having to make a few adjustments here and there. EN is a fairly good mix of bosses and so far I think it's been a great first raid. We are looking forward to the new mini raid coming out next week as well but here's some of the action:

Mythic Nythx

Honestly took us a little longer than it should have but we have it ironed out now...

I forgot to take a picture of renferal but she died like a hooker at a bachelor party as they say...allegedly. 

Mythic Ursoc

Mythic Ursoc was actually far easier than we were expecting. Thanks DPS!

Mythic Dragons

Mythic Dragons was a good deal harder but still not crazy. They took us slightly longer than a week to kill.

Mythic Il'gynoth

Oddly enough we killed Il'gynoth faster than dragons. We are working on Cenarius next week so hopefully have some more updates soon as long as the cops don't read my updates and take us down. 

The Emerald Nightmare: 100%
The Nighthold: 30%
Trial of Valor: 67%
Tomb of Sargeras: 0%
Antorus, the Burning Throne: 0%
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