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My first Warlords raid post! We only got 2 days in the zone last week and most of what we killed didn't feel screenshot worthy. We killed everything we killed last week in short order and started working on Heroic modes tonight. We finally have our first heroic boss that felt like a heroic down. 


19k DPS or GTFO

PRO TIP: Don't assign melee to the ranged group. You can have that tip for free, the next one costs $50 for 30 minutes, $75 If your friends watch. 

We were using this fight to gauge how prepared we are for later heroics and I feel like we are in pretty good shape for the second week of new content. More heroic kills will be coming soon! We have our eyes set on Mythic and still have a few DPS spots open for exceptional players. I know everyone says exceptional players but I mean do 19k DPS and don't stand in stuff or don't apply exceptional players. 

This post would have been funny but I don't have anything to drink. Maybe next week I'll get hammered and write everyone a short story about Tectus and Brakenspores forbidden love. Hint: It involves Braken putting his shrooms in things. YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT!
Bagels a Damn it Pins. Bagels doesn't hate you... Bagels can't hate you. :(
Machomanran LOL! i love how my character just looks like a silhouette of a person yay us! ...
It's a few days into Warlords and we have our first level 100's. After about 30 hours of fighting 7000 person queues, random DCs, and buggy garrisons we have 3 people that managed to make it. Congrats to Lances on being our first level 100, and winner of my hard earned 10k. For those of you who have not been able to experience gameplay in WoD I thought I'd show you an action shot:

At least its not 7000 people this time? ...I've said that.

That's pretty much what 60% of the game looks like right now. I'm sure Blizzard is hard at work getting things fixed but for now its still pretty slow going. What I will say about Warlords is I think they have outdone themselves as far as questing, character models, mob models, garrisons, and the world as a whole. I can see this being the best expansion Blizzard has ever made if they can get the issues with servers fixed and I am pretty excited about it. I will update again in a few weeks when we start dropping bosses~
At the dawn of a new era for Bladesong I thought I'd waste large amounts of everyone's time by talking about how long we have been waiting for the expansion, the various changes to raid formats and class balance. Really go into detail about Garrisons, and the likely effect on the economy and professions in general they will have. Not to mention loot changes, stat squish, and a plethora of other topics that we really should sit down and talk about.... But I just couldn't do it. 

I'll keep it short and to the point. Bladesong is a fantastic place to raid, with a wonderful core of talented fun players who have a great time together and get a lot accomplished in far less time than most guilds at our level. We have grown in scope and kept that feeling of fun and achievement and we have only gotten better. Bladesong finished Tier 15 progression 146th on a very competitive server. When the dust settles on Tier 16 we will have finished at 52nd on the server, and the group we have ready to go for mythic is far better than that. I am very excited to see what we can do, and have fun doing it. 

Garrosh won't be getting anymore phone calls....

Baby got beat? Who gets the joke?!

Now that all that mushy stuff is out of the way, We still have 2 or so DPS spots open. If you are a fantastic player who likes to have fun and doesn't want to raid 17 hours a week to see all the content we just might be the place for you. 

Also who wants to have a leveling contest? First raiding member in bladesong to reach level 100 gets 10k of my hard earned breakfast sausage money. Unless I win and in that case I will make an update calling you all scrubs.
Drgreenthümb You all forget I get the expansion tomorrow with no job and no schooling yet to stand in my way that gold shall be mine. ...
Parfaits I say that it will be between Wukong and myself, that is all.
Pins a I predict you will be the first monk in bladesong to hit 100, I'll give you that much.

So, it's been awhile since we posted.  The Syrup business has been keeping our normal Editor-in-Chief, Pins, more busy than usual.  That's not to say we haven't been up to some awesome things.  With WoD approaching in just a few days Bladesong did something awesome.  We took the information that the British learned from cloning Dolly, and we were able to double our roster size. That's right, double the Bladesong for twice the pleasure.

I'm not nearly as witty or photoshop savvy, but I did want to let people know that we did some cool stuff.  We brought some new people into the fold, continued the endless trek through Siege of Orgrimmar and some other cool things.  

I will leave the exciting things to Pins for when he gets some more Fireball in him, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed my lame update.

Wukong Does that mean there is two of each orginal raid member? If thats the case i wonder who i am.. im probably logs.

A real sausage fest.

Pins a posted Aug 18, 14
Hello and welcome back to our wonderful slice of capitalism. Syrup sales since we last talked have been through the roof. Our guild bank makes Oprah look like a transient! I've always said the best thing about being rich is it making you better than everyone else, but besides that it's so much easier to make even more money!

Two weeks ago we decided to branch out and get into the breakfast sausage market. That's right Jimmy Dean pack up your bags it's closing time. Now you might think "But Pins, how could you take something as good as sausage and make it better?" The answer is really quite simple. You use real dinosaur meat instead of that stupid pig stuff. I want my meat to taste like it's lived a full life of killing scared helpless creatures (like pigs) so you can taste the fear in every bite!

Tastes like chicken!

This isn't just any dinosaur meat stick, it's a HEROIC meat stick. We get a new shipment in every week so put your order in now while supplies last! On a completely unrelated note I am supposed to include this other picture....

We take raiding seriouslyness

Wait....shit that was from our break mid raid.. we drink sometimes. It was Krelus fault? Here this picture....this is the one for sure.

I always knew it bagels... 

Ohh how did that get in there. My bad It's probably this picture...

The solid 7 bites the dust!

Okay yeah that one for sure. We clearly warglaived him to death! Looking forward to some blackfuse progression this week! EXPLOSIONS!!!! 
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