I normally try to have kill shots or at least some funny quotes or something for the front page when we are killing new things. This week however and the weeks prior to this week we spent a good deal of time as a guild getting ready for and executing our first ever split raids. Being a 9 hour a week guild normally this meant spending extra time funneling gear to alts in raids, coming up with alt rotations that made sense, and making spreadsheets to see who could best use what gear first etc. It's a massive amount of work that we would not have been able to pull off without a lot of behind the scenes work by officers as well as members grinding out AP on alts etc etc. We managed to clear nighthold on heroic in the top 200 in the US despite running split raids almost all week and also snuck in a normal clear as well. Next week will be more of the same as we split raid and then work on Mythic progression but I'm pretty proud of what we have been able to accomplish so far! I'll be back to being a weirdo who hopefully remembers to take screenshots sometime next week when Mythic kills start rolling in!