Just so our millions of fans can keep up to date I thought I'd come post here and let you know what we've been up to. Last week we decided to stop goofing around and focus on Mythic Cenarius. We heard he was really hard and assumed it would take us 100+ pulls to kill him so we buckled in for the long haul and got to work. A mere 40 pulls later he was dead and we were looking at Xavius. 

Mythic Cenarius

I know what you're thinking:  "Mythic Cenarius in 40 pulls?! But it takes most guilds 100-150 pulls to kill him!"

I know, clearly we are much better at life. Or ending life. Or something.

Sadly we only got a few pulls in on Xavius last week so we didn't really come up with any great plan to kill him, and Thanksgiving week was looming before us. We already knew we would not get our full raid week in and that we would be missing several core raiders on Wednesday night. We thought about holding over our lockout to try and kill Xavius but I mean really we are better than everyone else at everything we would just try and clear the whole place in two raids while missing people. 

I know what you're thinking again: "But that's crazy you would have to rekill both il'gynoth and Cenarius just to have a shot at Xavius, you aren't a world first guild!"

You are maybe dumb, because that's exactly what we did. Xavius dead with a healer DPSing and missing 3 core raid members on the day before Thanksgiving. 

Mythic Xavius


So Bladesong finishes EN before nightholds release and now we have a little bit of time to focus on the over tuned mini raid called Trials of Valor. Since we are pretty much the best at everything we will probably kill stuff hard. Like real hard. 

In other news we have been trying to get Winnie his hidden artifact appearance "Boney Bear" forever. Because he's terrible at luck (it's the only thing any of us are bad at) he still looked like a stupid normal bear. He decided it was time to act on his own and just make his own hidden appearance to go along with the holiday theme. Of course I thought this was impossible so he sent me a picture to prove it. Normally he just sends dick pics so this was a welcome change. So without farther delay I present to you...


For Reals Yall

Margyth JFC that bear! I'm laughing so hard !
Fritts Gratz!!!