So we have had a bit of a slow start in nighthold, not so much slow in that we have failed to kill things but rather we killed more things than most people in order to kill things that actually matter faster. We have spent the last three weeks farming heroic with split raids, doing normals outside of raiding, and farming the ever important AP to max out weapons. While this was not an exciting approach and has left us "behind" quite a few guilds that we should normally be ahead of on good old Zul'jin it has prepared us better than most for the challenges to come. I think last night our last raider completed his 4pc and quite a few people have some very nice trinkets and off set items. We have farmed the typical 3/10M so many guilds are stuck on but we don't feel stuck, it feels like we are just getting started.... Here's a few pictures from our adventures lately to spice things up.

First up we have Mythic Scorpyron. He's not hard but it was pretty fun getting a world 21st kill on him!


Then came some very annoying trash. If you've done the zone I'm pretty sure you can agree this area makes you want to cash some game designers outside, how bout dat? 


I think I've mentioned this before but I suck at remembering to take pictures and we were in a hurry so in place of a Chromatic Anomaly screen shot you get a glimpse into our super secret strategy for dealing with him on mythic. The prep work is real.


Then someone killed the butler in a few pulls... hint: it was Bladesong, in the basement, with the lead pipe...and mountain dew bears. 


Pretty sure tonight we are going to take down another boss and then we will be looking at this guy...


But don't worry, I've already prepared the battlefield....


Now that our full attention is on mythic progression I expect to see some dead bosses real soon. Stay tuned for the fun! As always if you are an exceptional raider looking for a new place to murder innocent 700 foot tall demons please contact myself, logathil, Roarey, or Carlenx for more details!